Ahmet Uysal


Turkish and African Youth Discussing Important Issues

November 1 – December 20, 2022

(via Zoom)

From the Ukraine War to COVID-19, the dramatic changes and transformations witnessed around the world during the last decades increase the need for interactions among all nations. The level of diplomatic, social, economic, and cultural relations is not satisfactory among the global south while globalization requires and facilitates cooperation. Today there is a strong momentum to improve cultural, educational, social, and touristic relations among countries. Although there is a big international interest in Turkey and learning Turkish, as well as in learning English in Turkey, the courses and institutions operating in this field are not sufficient especially due to the shortage of practicing opportunities.

The historical and cultural ties are very old and profound between Turkey and African countries. These peoples cooperated for a long time since the Ottoman time, but this was interrupted due to Western colonization. However, we witness a serious boost in Turkish-African relations during recent decades in economy, politics, culture, academia, and media that cover each other more systematically. However, the relations between Africa and Turkey are far from desired levels.

To improve this need, we have previously organized several discussion programs such as Turkish-Pakistani Youth and Turkish-Arab Youth that of we are planning programs where Turkish and international youth with a strong participation. The Current African-Turkish Youth discussion programs will be an updated version as we will organize groups according to their interests and demands in various formats such as small or large group discussions, roundtables, and workshops by bringing both sides together. In this way, young people will be able to introduce their countries, discuss ideas and explain their cultures. Depending on the demands and feasibility, separate groups can be arranged for narrower areas of interest, age groups and even only for men and women. Initially discussions are designed to be in English, but we can plan for discussions in Arabic, Turkish or French. For this purpose, you can participate in the program that aims to bridge both sides together on a voluntary basis.

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Project Supervisor: Prof.Dr. Ahmet Uysal 
Istanbul Univ. & Director of ORSAM Center

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