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Muslim Youth Discussion Club (MYDC)

Youth Thinking Ahead

Today’s world witnesses rapid changes around the world due to social media, globalization, the pandemic, and the Ukraine-Russia war and these changes encourage interaction among all nations. However, social and cultural relations among Muslim communities are not at the desired level despite the fact that cooperation is both necessary and possible, at least through virtual platforms. There is a need for a platform where Muslim youth can overcome this shortage by engaging with each other worldwide. As the Friendship Bridge program, we previously completed a series of successful discussions among Turkish-Arab, Turkish-Pakistani, and Turkish-African friendship groups. The meetings allowed participants to know each other, improve their language skills, and discuss various issues. This time we plan to hold more structured discussions among a narrow group of idealist Muslim youth from around the world.

The new program will bring Muslim youth from the USA, Europe, Asia, and Africa, and naturally from Turkey. We are in the process of establishing a reliable network where brothers (or sisters) can discuss common issues with their counterparts by realizing a common understanding vis-à-vis these issues. The youth’s affinity with each other in their early life will benefit them in the future and will bolster a sense of unity, too. Practically, such sincere and advanced discussions will improve their communication, problem-solving, and leadership skills. We hope that knowing brothers or sisters from around the world with similar priorities and feelings will be an additional motivation toward a successful life.

Muslim Youth Discussion Club (MYDC) will be only for idealist Muslim Youth with good English skills. Each discussion group will have around 25 participants and active participation will be demanded. As we target a narrow group of people in this program, we might hold an additional interview with the applicant. Depending on the demand and the number of applications, we can hold separate sessions for boys and girls, for technical and social fields, for different regions, etc.


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Project Supervisor: Prof.Dr. Ahmet Uysal – Istanbul Univ. & Director of ORSAM Center